5 Things to Look for in a Mechanic

Your mechanic is important for you and your car. Here's our top 5 things when looking for a good and trusted mechanic.

1. Honest advice - let's face it, if you own a car, you will eventually need to find yourself looking for mechanic and auto service centre. Generally our first instinct is to shop around looking for the best price when repairs are due, however, this is not always the best option. Whilst price is a factor, it is important to find a mechanic and auto repair centre that provides honest advice. You may be spending hundreds of dollars on repairs that may not be needed right now ie; brakes may not be required for another 6 months.

2. Relationship - forming a trusted relationship takes time. As your mechanic gets to kow you, they also get to know your vehicle. They will become aware of any prior issues or repairs done on the vehicle as well as any maintenance that has been performed on your vehicle. Given that there may be a number of problems that could go wrong with your vehicle, doesn’t it make sense to have a mechanic that knows your vehicle so well that they can spot potential problems before they become a serious issue?

3. Quotes on all work - honest and reliable mechanics will provide quotes on all their work. This ensures that the customer knows what the issue is with their vehicle and the overall cost of the work to be undertaken. Customers are then able to agree to all the works and if price is an issue can work together on a strategy to undertake the critical components of the repairs and/or maintenance work first.

4. Quality - whilst price is important and no one wants to feel that they have overpaid for a service, it is more iportant to find a mechanic or auto repair centre that you know does quality work at a reasonable price.

5. Exceptional customer service - good mechanics and auto repair centres know the vaue of offering exceptional customer service. It's the little things like taking the time to get to know you, your vehicle and how you use your vehicle. It's sending you timely reminders when your vehicle is due for its next service. Good customer service means that your mechanic will explain what is required in easy to understand language and always provide a quote of works before undertaking any work on your vehicle. Exceptional customer service also entails offering a loan car service to valued customers, a local drop off for transport and even undertaking local customer vehicle pickups.

Do take the time to find a mechanic that you trust to offer you a fair and resonable price for repairs, who you can trust to do good quality work for all your vehicle's maintenance and repair needs, now and in the future.

We believe we offer all these things to our customers - talk to us today about how we can service your car needs.

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